MTM Principal:   JIM KRAHN | Process Definition
Team Members
Tom Mawhinney
Jim Krahn
Andrew Bentley
Gord Mawhinney

With a diverse background of operational and management experience, Jim Krahn has a keen understanding for how businesses can become plagued with inefficiencies, redundancies and miscommunication - and how they can transform to be operationally efficient organizations. Jim joined Marketing the Mousetrap in 2008 after 15 years of developing and re-engineering solid business processes for sales, professional services and operations with companies like Kraft, Moore, and Bell Canada. He has been engaged in multiple facets of business operations from both a hands-on tactical and a strategic perspective.

Jim's passion for success drives his mandate to help companies simplify their operations while leveraging current technology and resources. He believes that a strong combination of sound business process along with supporting technology provides a foundation that all companies, regardless of size, can benefit from. Many entrepreneurs would rather focus their attention on other aspects of the business, ignoring the critical area of operational efficiency unfortunately until it is too late.